The PATRIOT gallery is the result of seven years of work and patience, thanks to which it could be realized and made available to the public on April 20, 2017.

The idea was born in my head in 2010, when I was debating the fate of collections and collectors with my friends Mirek Nepejchal, Tomáš Bancík and Michal Krupa after the Tišnovsk mineral exchange. I realized that there is no institution or unified place that would be a reflection of the times and the possibilities of the collectors of that time. I decided to create such a place. Since then, I have materialized the idea of a gallery and gradually acquired other collectors for it from all over the country, who can be proud that the best of their collection is part of this unique whole.

How it looks in the gallery

Ground floor

Entrance room
a lot of stones are displayed here to be purchased and added to the visitors’ own collections.
Exhibition dedicated to the memory of Jan H. Bernard
three showcases are dedicated to the memory of the prominent Czech mineralogist doc. Jan H. Bernard and his collecting activities.
Exposure from Europe and the world
for the lay public, on the ground floor on the right, a lot of beautiful colored minerals from Europe and the world are displayed.
Large samples and minerals of Slovakia
there are large-format samples under the stairs and the entire left wall belongs to the minerals of Slovakia. The front of the room is dominated by three showcases thematically dedicated to collectors.
Hall of Treasures
the entire back room of the ground floor is dedicated to the minerals of the Highlands, and it is named after them as the “Treasure Hall of the Highlands”.

First floor

Exposure by location
the placement of mineral samples in the PATRIOT Gallery is primarily based on localities, and that is why stones from the Vysočina, Jeseníky, Příbram, Ore Mountains, etc. can be found in one place. “collected”.
CZ and SK gold exposure
is located immediately on the left as you exit the first floor.
On the sides of the Exposition of classic sites
Krušných hor, Jeseníky, Tišnovsko and surroundings, localities of agates, vltavines and zeolites.
The back part belongs mainly to Příbram minerals
both ore and uranium fields.

The entire interior of the Gallery is visually and optically stylized as an underground space, primarily with lowered ceilings and also the chosen color of the walls and showcases themselves.

Thank you for supporting the PATRIOTS

In this section we list all important supporters and supporters of our gallery. They supported us either with a financial donation, a donation or a long-term loan of mineralogical samples or another form of significant help. We appreciate that immensely. Without it, the PATRIOT Gallery could never function in its current form and high quality.
Any support for our gallery and other names on this “Patriots” list would be greatly appreciated.

Terra Group Investment, a.s.

finanční partner

Subterra a. s.

finanční partner

Tomáš Bancík

významná pomoc při získávání exponátů zejména ze Slovenska

Bohuslav Bureš

spoluorganizátor galerie, fotograf, odborný konzultant

Jaroslav Hyršl

dlouhodobá zápůjčka vzorků z Ameriky a Ruska, odborný konzultant

Petr Kolesár

práce na formátování a čištění vzorků, odborný konzultant

Jan a Jindřich Kynický (Top Minerals)

dlouhodobá zápůjčka vystavených vltavínů

Doc. Jan Hus Bernard

poskytnutí sbírky minerálů

Martin Števko

významná pomoc při získávání exponátů, odborný konzultant

Pavel Tureček

dlouhodobá zápůjčka minerálů

Miroslav Zeman

dlouhodobá zápůjčka vystavených achátů

Michal Macfelda

věnování sbírky minerálů