We will return the natural heritage back to the homeland

A selection of the best minerals found in the Czech Republic. Exhibition of unique stones from Europe and the world.

Quality comes before quantity

At the PATRIOT Gallery, we managed to create unique and maximum quality exhibitions by selecting and combining the best samples from the collections of a number of important collectors. Thanks to this, the PATRIOT Gallery was created – the highest quality private collection of minerals from Czech and Moravian localities in the Czech Republic and, by extension, in the whole world.

Almost every locality here is represented by a TOP stone that you will not find in any other collection or exhibition of comparable quality. These unique minerals are complemented by a number of other quality stones, always with a view to clarity. We do not want to divide the attention between ordinary and proof stones.

Ametyst Geoda

Česká republika

Azurit, Malachit





I know quality is subjective

Therefore, I will present you my perception of quality.
I evaluate the following as key parameters of the exhibited samples – aesthetic impression, rarity of the given mineral, quality and intactness of the sample, luster, color, size, accompanying minerals, history and origin. There are not a few parameters, and orientation in the assessment took me years of time and energy. I viewed and compared similar exhibits from the given locations, consulted with experts, visited private collections, institutional collections and stock exchanges not only in our country but also in the world, and I spent hundreds of hours and several years doing all this.

Come and see our TOP exhibits. I will be happy to introduce them to you.

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